Miles Before I Sleep

from Miles Before I Sleep by Great Cold Emptiness



The city of Aes descended from the Sky
Ages and ages I have wandered
Looking through every library and every chasm in search
For the lost book of the eternal age

I seek my own immortality
For I cannot live to wander more
Who am I to grasp at such wisdom

Through the caves in the west
And the forgotten towns in the deserts
The highest peaks
The lowest depths

The deepest of waters
The haunting silence of time
Have I become the oneironaut
Dancing past the waters of Mournfell
Or diving underneath the waves of R'lyeh

I seek my own demise
I follow my own path to self-destruction

I am the keeper of the esoteric
The lonely cultist and his dusted grimoire
Of forgotten wisdom
I have become a lost soul howling in the bleak vistae of space
Wandering through empty fields of knowledge
Searching endlessly through ink laden cacophany

Who am I to follow the cult of the hedon
If I am the only thing that is to be certain
Who am I to follow the will of the masses
Lest I tread my own path through the wood
And rest at my home near the sea

Alas, I am only so far away
And there are many miles before I sleep


from Miles Before I Sleep, released June 30, 2018


all rights reserved



Great Cold Emptiness Saint Agatha, Maine

Great Cold Emptiness is a Cinematic Black Metal band crafted to share the lore of my home in Aroostook County, Maine and Québec

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