St Elm's Fire

by Great Cold Emptiness

A crimson moon hung Shaped by the northwind, a forceful ember blew towards them As if Autumn had sunk below the earth to gift the child, A flame swallowed the man So, the ravens had told her Yet, she knew of his departure A cast of the rod, or a sharp strike of the pole A man knows no bounds, lest he is not in the shadow of the sun For he will go off to chase an impossible stag There was a chalice full to the brim And here, it lay empty There was an axe that rested by the great pine And here, it lay in two A rise to the surface A caress to the chasm A mark of the elves A fire for St. Elm
An elk marched on For he has no care for the stream he drinks from To be filled with blood, bile or sap It matters not, the wanderer of these wastes Shall the morning burn a new icon on his brow Or the night carve away at his flesh A ritual made for the pleasure of the candledwellers Or some hyperviolent priestess There is a stream, the elk will not go For it has been tainted with the most pure of virtues To settle with a child nearest the hearth Is to know more than any of the elder gods Or to carry the kettle a hundred miles to the sea It matters not, the fish she cooks with But the heart she uses as bait Or which wood she heats the home with Man without sun, the elk presses onwards Unaware of his own demise


A short demo of some outtakes from the upcoming full length.


released July 7, 2019

Nathan Guerrette - All instruments
Meghan Wood - Vocals


all rights reserved



Great Cold Emptiness Saint Agatha, Maine

Great Cold Emptiness is a Cinematic Black Metal band crafted to share the lore of my home in Aroostook County, Maine and Québec

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