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GMML Prod. On peut quitter le Québec.... mais celui-ci ne nous quitte jamais vraiment. Un pur délice !
Gucci Goblin
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Gucci Goblin Though usually not my brand of black metal, Great Cold Emptiness is atmospheric and amazing, seemingly relying on despair and sorrow instead of evil and aggression. This is a fine purchase. Buy it.
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Pido Le cri d’un Franco-américain, un Canuck qui se rappelle la douleur du parcours de ses ancêtres dans les forêts de l’Amérique.
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BuhBuh Another awesome track! GCE always delivers with great melody and an emotional voyage
Québec 21:29
Maple hangs underneath the weight of winter Saguenay breaths in the brine from the East Looking up from above, Lygonia holds her sister close An owl howls in the Eastern Townships The city of a thousand steeples burns Underneath a banner of blue and white In the forests of an ancient family I stand waiting I have stood by the throats of Winter And I have warmed myself near the fires of Val d'or Dans la forêt, chantait un wapiti Une chanson de la soir My face to the Saint Lawrence Breathing in the brine of the ancients My back to Mount Royal and my hands to Gaspe Je crie le nom de liberté a ciel On route to Kamouraska We have found our home Stand tall, the wooden men of the woods Vos ancêtres regardent


Québec was originally going to be an extra on the second album, but due to the process of re-working it, I decided to release this song on its own.

Wintery, synth-heavy and space like ambient black metal. Plodding and dirgelike. An anthem to my home away from home.

As always, we thank you endlessly for the support

- Nathan Gabriel Thomas Guerrette dit Latulippe


released October 21, 2019

Nathan Guerrette dit Latulippe - All instruments
Meghan Wood - Vocals

Guest guitar by Caden Frankovich


all rights reserved



Great Cold Emptiness Saint Agatha, Maine

Great Cold Emptiness is a Cinematic Black Metal band crafted to share the lore of my home in Aroostook County, Maine and Québec

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