Miles Before I Sleep

by Great Cold Emptiness

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vermina thumbnail
vermina I haven't been this moved by an album in 10 years. Seriously. Favorite track: Miles Before I Sleep.
whatisthis8175 thumbnail
whatisthis8175 'Forlorn' is one of the main words that comes to mind when listening to this. Some other words would be 'vast', 'processional', and 'beautiful'.

Atmosphere done right.
Astaroth Agraz
Astaroth Agraz thumbnail
Astaroth Agraz lush, grandiose, and overwhelming soundscapes plague the world of Great Cold Emptiness, and in Miles Before I Sleep, Nathan's sound has reached a remarkable peak. Favorite track: Western Cave.
Andy thumbnail
Andy The cover has been chosen well. Imagine a great cold emptiness such as I imagine we might find on the Eastern side of the Urals and use the area for the set of a dystopian movie. You will be able to save money on the soundtrack as one already exists !!! Favorite track: Western Cave.
zombieccino thumbnail
zombieccino The beginning of this album took me by storm, swept me away in its noise. This has been my favorite of this artists work by far. So excited for the next album, I'll sure buy it the day it comes out. Favorite track: Western Cave.
BuhBuh thumbnail
BuhBuh Another fantastic release. GCE is one of my fave artists. Always delivers. I consider them a leader in the genre. Take a listen and support. Favorite track: Miles Before I Sleep.
Western Cave 12:41
The city of Inkseeds rose from the desert, Shining and decadent. Somehow, it still stood. I crossed through the gate, The way worn by beggars and poets. The only place a man can find satisfaction. As the great ships of men crawled the waves to their destinies, There were, after long years A number of tales lost in the mists of morning. Even after the forgetting though, Wisps of story find ways to receptive ears As even the deepest of secrets never truly dies. When fires burn and the night grows soft in the void To the heavens And I cry to the north For guidance of God My sorrow, my pain is to infinity The spiral of life The fates of earth I pray with silver lining my eyes
The city of Drel rose from the sea Alone and cold, without air Breathing the ancients life giving essnce Gather the excess Shape the world I am what I was You are what they will become The mist of the deep elder gleam Boreal and surreal Seas of enlightened poison The venom drips from her lips Down the jaw to the breasts The firmament and her daughters Born of a thousand young The man in black, the abhorrence The lesser man becomes god The greater man becomes the other The greater world of suffering A list of infinite knowledge A thirst of insatiable wisdom And Power Cast aside the rods of false idols You have found your new god
The city of Delta rose from the shadows of time From within, a man came to me Speaking in tongues and hidden phrases He told me of great wisdom Hidden in the trees And in the sun's watchful gaze As he soon departed, The waves of Elmond swallowed him So I sat, in humble reflection, waiting
The city of Aes descended from the Sky Ages and ages I have wandered Looking through every library and every chasm in search For the lost book of the eternal age I seek my own immortality For I cannot live to wander more Who am I to grasp at such wisdom Through the caves in the west And the forgotten towns in the deserts The highest peaks Soaring The lowest depths Howling The deepest of waters The haunting silence of time Have I become the oneironaut Dancing past the waters of Mournfell Or diving underneath the waves of R'lyeh I seek my own demise I follow my own path to self-destruction I am the keeper of the esoteric The lonely cultist and his dusted grimoire Of forgotten wisdom I have become a lost soul howling in the bleak vistae of space Wandering through empty fields of knowledge Searching endlessly through ink laden cacophany Who am I to follow the cult of the hedon If I am the only thing that is to be certain Who am I to follow the will of the masses Lest I tread my own path through the wood And rest at my home near the sea Alas, I am only so far away And there are many miles before I sleep


Open / Esoteric / Somber / Meditative

The first official LP from GCE.

Miles Before I Sleep explores the themes of nostalgia, yearning and solitude. It tells the story of a man in search of esoteric wisdom, only to discover, through years of introspection, the truth of wisdom itself, and its unknowable metaphysical nature.

Miles Before I Sleep boasts long and winded guitar drones masked with lush and grand synths amidst tortured shrieks, provided by M from Crown of Asteria. There is a general sense of greatness in Great Cold Emptiness's debut LP that harkens back to earlier releases, as well as reinventing the group's already unique sound.

Nathan Guerrette, frontman of Great Cold Emptiness, thanks you endlessly for your support. The album was halted, rewritten and scrapped since early 2015.

Recorded between April of 2015 and May of 2018
"In every form, “Miles Before I Sleep” is a stupendous experience that is a true rollercoaster and one that needs to be ridden a couple of times to say that you’ve truly experienced the majesty."
"Epic, woeful and despondent atmospheric black/doom, sounds quite outstanding and definitely worth a listen. Quite fittingly self labelled ''Acadian Black Metal' and 'Cinematic Doom Metal'"
"Near the end of the album, will appear sounds of a wood fire being escorted by a "funeral" piano and birds, maybe this means that “after all we have reached the end of our life, or we had just woke up from our eternal sleep just to give one last breath to formerly shut down forever”


released June 30, 2018

Nathan - All Instruments
M - Vocals


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Great Cold Emptiness Saint Agatha, Maine

Great Cold Emptiness is a Cinematic Black Metal band crafted to share the lore of my home in Aroostook County, Maine and Québec

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