Edges of the Earth

by Great Cold Emptiness

Northern winds call me home But not without a gentle caress of the flowing stream A hearth beckons to lay nearest a sleeping child While the morning summer rain gently knocks the oak door down The winter howled not unlike the stars in the void The shrine of the ancients stood so tall Proud, like mountains tearing the grey and eternal sky Oh, how I long for a taste of hyperborea Longing the soft and nocturnal whispers of time The cosmic dance of my family Painting fire on the night sky For I am the son of a thousand farmers Tending the land of their ancestors What greater life is there than the hunt And somber collection of stones for the harvest The candle's idle kiss warms the ice above the hearth Slowly, they glide towards the stone floor Like tears they cascade, leaving marks on the pine wood Oh, how I yearn for a home nearest the sea Where my fathers have laid rest their weary bones How I ache for a time to pass Where I may join them in another age
Summer Rain 07:50


Second EP by New England Funeral Doom masters, Great Cold Emptiness. Raw and soaring, primitive and powerful, atmospheric and meditative. Something different while the second LP comes

Last October, my Great Uncle Conrad Guerrette had passed away, leaving over 200 years worth of land and farming equipment to no will or children. His sister, my Great Aunt Pauline has possession of the land and assets, but due to the nature of my family, a once proud dynasty of potato farmers in Aroostook County, the remaining left of us could not afford to continue owning the land that had been passed generation after generation, son to son, due to property taxes and other government thieveries. My father has acquired a bit of land that my Great Uncle owned, and thus, leaving my brother and I the sole heirs to our little empire on the St John Valley.

I wrote this EP in hopes of shedding some hope and light on our edge of the earth. Hopefully raising some funds for reclaiming a fraction of what we had lost. Live simply. Find your own spot away from the decay of the urban world. Love nature. Work for your children and family, so they may live to do the same for their children.

As always, thank you very much for your interest in my project. I hope it touches you in some way or another.

Nathan Gabriel Thomas Guerrette dit Latulippe

Recorded in New Hampshire, Maine, New Hampshire, Michigan and Quebec between 2016 and 2018

UPDATE: I updated the art with the new logo, and added the original Edges of the Earth demo track, titled Summer Rain as a bonus


released August 22, 2018


all rights reserved



Great Cold Emptiness Saint Agatha, Maine

Great Cold Emptiness is a Cinematic Black Metal band crafted to share the lore of my home in Aroostook County, Maine and QuΓ©bec

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